Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a Long Strange Trip Its Been

Well, here we are.  We knew this series would not be quick.  Neither team could allow themselves to easily be ushered off to the golf courses.  Now a series that has been an absolute tug-of-war is going to 7 games.  Figures, doesn't it? 

There isn't much to say at this point.  The Wings haven't played up to their potential in some of these games.  The Ducks haven't played to their potential in some of these games.  If either one comes out and plays a stinker of a game, they're going to regret it, because the winner of this series will walk away with a Stanley Cup, I think.  Hopefully, for both their sakes, each team shows up, and the most talented team wins.  And by most talented team, I mean the Wings.  Now if only gametime would come a little bit sooner.  

If you haven't yet, go read Anaheim Calling's discussion on what the Red Wings as a franchise mean to the Ducks.  Good stuff. 

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